Three Days in Malta

Malta is an amazing country and was it not for a wedding, I could have easily gone my entire life without setting foot on its islands. Dividing vacation time between Manila and Malta almost seems like a mistake: a typo when booking, perhaps. One is a metropolitan city on a tropical island in South-East Asia… Continue reading Three Days in Malta

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Things to Know About Couchsurfing

An Interview with my First Host Couchsurfing. Sure, I’ve heard the word before and known such a thing existed, but it wasn’t until about a month ago that I took a serious look at it. Although I no longer have a permanent home in the Philippines, I have been returning to the islands frequently and… Continue reading Things to Know About Couchsurfing


A Coco Family Vacation in Puerto Galera

After a few hectic weeks of increasing work demands and a moderately intense diet and training regimen to prepare for my first jiu-jitsu competition, I was nothing if not ready for a vacation. Last year, around this time, my companion and I had taken our daughter to Coco Beach for a wonderful family vacation and… Continue reading A Coco Family Vacation in Puerto Galera


Baguio’s Parks, Playgrounds, and Places to Eat

It's Tuesday morning: my companion wakes up early to build a dam at Lily of the Valley Organic Farm (post coming). Inevitably, our daughter wakes up early and what are her and I to do with our day? First, there's the laundry problem. La Trinidad has no water so this is a serious mission. We… Continue reading Baguio’s Parks, Playgrounds, and Places to Eat