Third-Culture Thoughts

When It’s Time to Travel

I've spent a relaxing day at home, enjoying the Sydney sun as it shines through the windows. The howling wind outside is nothing to me but a soundtrack--and a no-frills way to speed up the laundry drying process. I've got the rest of the clothes that need to go in my bag out on the… Continue reading When It’s Time to Travel

Australia · My MMA Journey

My Amateur MMA Journey, Part 18: Why I Box

Recently, in my journey of exploring mixed-martial arts, I've switched from doing a bit of everything to going back to where I started and focusing on boxing. I've done so for a few reasons. For one, because I'm still jet-setting and haven't yet put down roots anywhere, I don't want to buy gear that won't… Continue reading My Amateur MMA Journey, Part 18: Why I Box

Australia · My MMA Journey

Sydney through its Locals

With a little over two weeks remaining in Sydney, I've decided that I'd like to pick the brains of a couple of interesting locals for the inside scoop of everything from live music and the martial arts scene to permaculture and proactivism before I leave. For one, I've gathered lots of interesting snippets about pro and amateur… Continue reading Sydney through its Locals