About Me

I’ve never been rich but I’ve traveled the world. I drew my first breath in Belgium, played in puddles at campgrounds in France, begged to start kindergarten early in Amsterdam, turned seven in a pink dress against the backdrop of rainforest in Cote d’Ivoire, and spent every afternoon exploring the wild, red-rocked savanna of Nigeria.

I’ve since admired art in Paris, Bruges, and Cologne; I’ve seen London, Sydney, Los Angeles, and New York; I’ve taken the scenic route up Highway 1.

I played the preteen game of chasing mulatto boys in Mozambique, played soccer in the suburbs of Johannesburg, and rode my bicycle to high school in the Netherlands through sunshine and hail storms, every day, for five years.

That was a lot of years to spend in one place, so I took off right after graduation and landed in Manila at eighteen. Though it has now become my base, traveling hasn’t stopped here: I attended a conference in Bangalore, taught at summer camps in Taiwan, attended weddings in Ireland and Malta, spent a year in Australia, and in one trip made a full circle around the globe.

What keeps me in the Philippines? I first flew to Manila to volunteer with a local charity and when the year was up I came right back on a one-way ticket. I found it to be a place where I could build my own kind of life.

I started teaching English and enrolled in college to study business management. I co-founded a non-profit corporation to research solutions for sustainable livelihood and urban agriculture and funded it by teaching.

I enjoy management: my analytical mind particularly loves working with numbers. My creative side, though, loves to write. Besides corporate documents and financial reports, I write blog posts, curricula, poetry, and prose.

I also love being active, indoors and out: my favorite sport is basketball, I practice yoga, train in martial arts, can’t get enough and am terrified by the ocean, and love riding on two wheels.

Work with Flo

If you’re looking for a writer to create and optimize your written content, check out my portfolio and let’s connect on UpWork or LinkedIn.

For live coaching, you can find me on Verbling—an online platform for face-to-face language training.