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One for the Year Ahead

2020, it heaved and it hurled; not a quarter in, had everyone unnerved. Welled up and crashed into our simple, happy home; deposited my family on the corners of the globe.

Even in mayhem, the relentless good remained: the good of friendships that never grow old; of trusting adventure to take you on a worthwhile road.

The year that took me, hardly asking consent, to places I’d never been or expected to be sent and for everything it took, somehow left me with more.

Stepping into cities that are meant to never sleep and seeing the Capitols of the world, it wasn’t the eerie silence that embedded in my memory as much as the warm embrace of this great guy and that lovely girl—the friends and family who gave me a home when mine couldn’t be reached and welcomed me in when the world was afraid to breathe.

I think we’ve all come to appreciate the simplicity of unrestricted breath, perhaps even the uncontrollable nature of death. And here we are, the year has taken its toll; the next may ask more of us still.

I hope when you reflect on the twelve months past, and unavoidably on those ahead of us, you will find hope in the simple, relentless nature of seeking good—ever unswayed by the ongoing chaos.

Happy New Year Word Art | New year words, Happy new year images, Happy new  year gif

Wishing you and yours joy and hope in 2021.

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