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Mastering Remote Work, Part 1: The Journey

The ber-months have arrived and, for the first time in eleven years, I’m in the northern hemisphere. No more Christmas music in the malls while the sun scorches outside (funny the things you start to miss). Instead, it’s actually getting cold.

It’s hard to believe it’s been half a year since the world went haywire, but it has. Six months ago, I left Manila with my family. Luckily, for the past three, we’ve all been together again. Returning has become less and less of an option and we’re settling more and more into the Netherlands. 

But as far as COVID stories go, ours is mild. There’s no returning to our old life, but we do love change. Most importantly, we’re together. And though we’ve bounced around and still don’t know exactly what’s next for us, I’ve had the good fortune of a steady income through fully remote work.

Which brings us to the topic of today—one doubtlessly more relevant at this moment than planning your next island trip.

Getting Started on a Remote Work Path 

I started working remotely about five years ago and it marked a turning point in my life. 

I lived in Manila at the time and had a baby in the house: working from home meant I could skip some of the world’s worst traffic and have that much more time with her.   

As she got a little older, we started enjoying the freedom to travel—from little island trips to spending a month or two in Europe or Australia. It’s also when I started doing martial arts, as a way to get out of the house and counter all the desk work with some high intensity. Because balance is important.

Working remotely has lots of benefits but it’s certainly not without its challenges.

Introducing a Short Video Series

COVID-19 is changing the world of work. In a flash, working from home wasn’t just a choice for people like me, it was mandatory. 

While many have returned to some degree of regular work, there are others for whom—whether by choice or not—remote work is becoming the new normal.

The company I work for, a gaming services platform called Yodo1, is a perfect example of this. While people like me have worked remotely from the start, their office and most employees have been based in Beijing. 

As the company continues to expand across international borders, management has decided to transition to a remote workplace.  

As the budding veteran of remote work, I was called upon to share some tips in a short video series. 

So here it is, part one—with many thanks to Luke Priddy for his editing expertise.

Looking for your remote work dream job? Let’s get there together.

For more insights on succeeding at remote work, keep an eye on my brand new YouTube channel

Or get in touch to learn more about some of the remote work opportunities out there.

One thought on “Mastering Remote Work, Part 1: The Journey

  1. Thanks for this. Been working from home since March. I’m loving the convenience but struggling with being stuck at home. Interested in the other remote work opportunities that you mentioned and looking forward to hearing more about those.

    If you are talking about gaming as in sports betting/sports gaming, then it is up my alley.

    Anyway, subscribed to your YouTube channel and looking forward to seeing more of your videos.



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