Taking The Discovery Leather Bi-Fold Wallet On A Test Run


Recently, I had the pleasure of unboxing one of StoryLeather’s latest travel wallets. The Discovery, a leather bi-fold, is simple and functionally designed. It comes with a removable lanyard so you can carry it in your pocket, purse, or around your neck.

Being a bit of a globetrotter myself, I was eager to give this travel wallet a test run. I thought, wearing a wallet around your neck while on the go—especially in certain parts of the world—could be really handy.


The package arrived at my door in great time. Inside, I discovered a quaint little gift box (because sometimes you’ve got to surprise yourself) housing the freshly-made leather goods.

First thing, I grabbed my old wallet and started transferring some cards and bills. Already I could picture the convenience of having such easy access to a bank card or two right on the outside of the wallet.

With the front pocket, I could show my license or ID without having to remove it or even so much as open the wallet. 

Inside, the wallet is spacious enough to fit larger currency formats—such as the Philippine peso bills (though the fit for these guys is a bit snug).

Finally, as mentioned, I was pretty curious to test out the leather strap that came with it. I’d never worn a wallet around my neck before but considering that I travel to all manner of—let’s say, exciting—destinations, it certainly seemed worth a try.

With the Discovery ready to go, all I had to do was pick a destination.

The Travel Test

Lucky for me, the wallet arrived just in time for a Palawan dive trip I had booked for the weekend.

Time for the travel test!

I had a comfortable transit and flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa, with the wallet conveniently carrying everything but my phone and passport.

It was once I arrived in the remote town of one of the Philippines’ most treasured islands that I whipped out the leather neck strap so I wouldn’t have to keep the wallet in my pocket for easy access.

The only bag I had on me was my travel backpack, so having the wallet hanging from my neck meant I didn’t have to fish it out my bag every time (or worry about my pockets when I had them).

However, wearing it around my neck was less ideal when riding a scooter, which I recommend renting to get around while in Palawan. That’s when I discovered (wink) another way the lanyard comes in handy.

While riding, I kept the wallet in my pocket. Fortunately, it’s small enough to be carried comfortably while seated on a bike. To keep it secure, I ran the strap through the belt holes of my shorts. It gave me enough length to pull the wallet out and use it, with a guarantee that it couldn’t fall out (or get pick-pocketed).

Granted, it’s probably not what it’s meant for, but I’ll just call it my secret hack.

Aside from renting a scooter, day one in Puerto Princesa included checking into my room, finding a beach, and doing some snorkeling.

My Travel Log

I ride along mud-paved streets in jungle-like surroundings, enjoying the fresh island breeze while looking for a way to the shore—valuables all the while strapped safely to my side. Eventually, after turning around once or twice, I find Hartman Beach.

An exuberant beach man with Rastafari hair calls me over with an invite to tonight’s full moon party. For now, he’s tending to boats and points me to the Bamboo Nest—where I stop for a drink.

My new friend shows me a bright strip out at sea, and the resident dive master tell me the sandbar out there is great for snorkeling. I rent some gear and venture out into the delightfully blue water. You have to walk about a kilometer out to reach the sandbar, but the water is never more than chest high.

A narrow sand path leads me out, cutting through wavey stalks of seagrass. As the water deepens and the path opens up, the ocean starts to come to life. This is where I get my snorkel mask on, start to swim, and a world of wonder opens up before me.

Sometimes the underwater growth brushes my stomach as I swim along; other times it opens into vast pools teeming with life. Schools of tiny fish, jellyfish (harmless ones that look undulating citrus fruits sliced in half), some big sneaky fish, and starfish. There are crabs ducking in and out of holes in the sand and others swaying in the seagrass breeze.

I make it from sand to coral and as the sky darkens I decide it’s time to turn back. I was pleased to find the Bamboo Nest equipped with hot showers, where I took some time to luxuriate.

But this was barely a preview of what Palawan’s underwater world has to offer. I ride back before dark, passing on the full moon party. The muddy roads leading to the beach are just too treacherous to venture out on at night. Plus, I have a big day of diving tomorrow.

To read more about my escapades, check out Planning Your Palawan Diving Weekend and What to Expect from Scuba Diving.

The Discovery Verdict

The Discovery leather bi-fold wallet, my trusty companion on this solo adventure, is small enough for convenient carry, highly durable, smooth to the touch, and gives you a safe, hands-free way to keep your essentials right in front of you. 

My favorite features:

  • Small and light enough to carry conveniently in your pocket or around your neck.
  • Durable, quality leather with conveniently cut inserts that are easy to use.
  • Secure storage for and instant access to your ID, cards, and cash.

To order your own Discovery travel wallet, visit

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