Weekend Getaway: How to Commute to Daranak and Batlag Falls

This is my new favorite day trip from Manila, and it’s a couples getaway you can plan for under 1,000 pesos!

Most of my friends in Manila told me Daranak Falls would be crowded, especially on the weekend. They weren’t wrong. However, there are some simple ways around that.

In this post, I’ll share how you can make the most of your trip to the falls and provide some information on:

  • How to commute to Daranak Falls
  • How long it takes to get there
  • How much it costs
  • Things do at the falls
Scenery as you cross the bridge to Daranak Falls

How do I Commute to Daranak Falls?

If you want to visit Daranak and Batlag Falls, the first thing you’ll need to do is get to Tanay Public Market.

You can take air-conditioned UV express (FX) shuttles or jeepneys to Tanay from a few points in the metro. The most straightforward routes are via Ortigas or Marikina.

Ortigas Route: via Starmall EDSA-Shaw or EDSA Central

  1. Take a bus or the MRT to Shaw Boulevard
  2. Ride an FX or jeepney to Tanay (P50-70)

Marikina Route: via Santolan Station

  1. Take the MRT to Santolan Station
  2. Ride an FX to Tanay (P70)

If you’re coming from the north, you can go through Santolan. Otherwise, the Ortigas route is probably the most direct.

From Antipolo to Tanay

Santolan is not far from Antipolo, so this route is also a good option.

In our case, we were already in Antipolo so we caught a bus on E. Rodriguez Ave heading southeast to Tanay. You can also catch a jeep from Antipolo to Tanay for P28.

Our bus took just under an hour to get to Tanay.

From Tanay to Daranak Falls

From Tanay Public Market, you can hire a trike to take you all the way to the entrance of Daranak Falls. The trike will cost P200 each way and can carry up to 4 passengers.

Pro Tip: Grab a bite to eat at one of the local eateries at the market in Tanay if you haven’t had the chance to pack your own food.

Check out the local eateries at Tanay Public Market

FAQ: How do I get to Batlag Falls?

Batlag Falls is only a few hundred meters away from Daranak. Unless you’ve come at a time when Daranak is deserted, you’ll definitely want to pay the extra 100 pesos each and go up to Batlag. It’s quieter and quite beautiful!

Hiking up to Batlag Falls

Getting Back to Manila

Get a trike back to Tanay. From there, you can catch any bus or jeep heading to Ortigas (“Crossing”).

How long does it take to get to Daranak Falls?

  • Ortigas to Tanay: 2 hours or more
  • Tanay Public Market to Daranak Falls: 30 minutes

From Ortigas, count on at least two hours to get to Tanay. If you’re coming from Antipolo, you can get there in under an hour.

In our case, we didn’t leave Antipolo until noon. Then we stopped for lunch in Tanay before catching a trike to the falls.

The trike ride to Daranak Falls took less than half an hour and got us right up to the entrance. From Daranak, it’s a short hike up to Batlag Falls. We made it up to Batlag by 2 pm, with plenty of time to enjoy the water.

Late Sunday afternoon, the crowds disappeared from Daranak Falls

Most people started leaving in the late afternoon, so the place cleared out quite nicely.

Pro Tip: To avoid the crowds on the weekend, you can either get to the falls extra early or stay later.

Heading Home

We left Tanay at 6 pm and got to Shangrila Plaza in Ortigas at 8:30, just in time for a quick bite before the food stalls started closing up. From there, we caught a bus heading south. It took another hour and a half to get back to BF Homes.

How much does it cost to go to Daranak and Batlag Falls?

Not including food, you can easily plan a couple’s getaway to Daranak Falls for under 1,000 pesos.

Food doesn’t have to cost much, either. At Tanay Public Market there are eateries where you can get a tasty meal for 50-60 pesos. There are even a couple of vegetarian options.

Cost for two

  • P50-70 jeep or bus to Tanay (x2 = 100-140)
  • P200 trike to Daranak Falls
  • P50 entrance fee for Daranak Falls (x2 = 100)
  • P100 entrance fee for Batlag Falls (x2 = 200)
  • P200 trike to Tanay Public Market
  • P50-70 jeep or bus to the city
  • Total P900-1,000

Add to that the cost of getting back home from the city and you’ll probably still be close to P1,000. Plus, if you commute with a group of four, you can split the cost of the trike to and from Daranak Falls and save an extra 200 pesos.

On that note, if you want to rent a picnic table that will cost 200 pesos. Huts go for 300.

What can I do at Daranak Falls?

  • Swim
  • Have a picnic
  • Get some nature therapy
  • Climb rocks and trees
  • Take pictures
Perfect for a swim!

Come to Daranak if you don’t want to make a long trek but do want to enjoy the majestic scenery and cool waters.

What to bring

Must haves:

  • Water
  • Swimsuit
  • Dry bag for phone and wallet

Optional carry on:

  • Food
  • Sunblock
  • Mosquito repellent

You can bring your own food or get some at Daranak. Expect the food stalls at the falls to be a bit expensive though. You can also have a budget meal at one of the eateries in Tanay, so you won’t have to carry much of your own food around.

Bring sunblock if your skin is especially sensitive to the sun. With all the shade from the trees though, you can probably do without it.

Since you don’t need to hike much, you can totally make this trip in flipflops. Then you won’t have to worry about keeping your shoes dry at the falls.

What not to bring:

  • Alcohol
  • Pets
  • Plastic or styrofoam plates and cups

It’s much easier to commute to Daranak Falls when you travel light. Keep it simple: don’t take what you probably won’t need.

Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories.


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