A Snapshot of Sydney in Spring

Almost exactly a year ago, I came to Australia for the summer and I’ve since spent much of the past year here in Syndey.

After experiencing snippets of every season in this beautiful city, it’s time to say goodbye. Here’s are some highlights of my last hurrahs.

Spring Scenery

It’s been nine years since I last made the transition from Winter to Spring and Sydney has reminded me that it’s absolutely worth it.

With jacaranda trees blossoming on every street corner, the city takes on quite a magical backdrop this time of year. 

Street Art & Live Music

The art in Sydney, and particularly in the Newtown area, remains as one of my favorite features. 

Check out this post dedicated to Sydney street art or follow  Trips with Flo on Instagram for more snapshots of this and other destinations.

Last Sunday, I also got to see Bad Absalom, an up-and-coming local band, play one last time at The Hideaway Bar on Enmore Road, and enjoy a delicious Japanese dinner right on the same block. Read some reviews by local guides here.

Check out upcoming events with other live acts on Bad Absalom’s Facebook page as well as this post on things to know about live music in Sydney to keep up to date on the live music scene.

The Couchsurfing Community

Another highlight from my time in Sydney has been getting involved in the Couchsurfing community. After my first Couchsurfing experience earlier this year, I started meeting up with fellow travelers and have gotten to know lots of all-around interesting people.

From surfing on couches and actual waves and learning about traveling on a budget with WorkAway, to joining a group adventure to see kangaroos and recently helping organize a painting-in-the-park event, I’ve learned, shared experiences, and made great friends and memories.

Traveling Light

The less you have, the less you need. 

Another highlight of the past travel-filled year has been taking on minimalist living and learning how to live light. There really is only one way to find out what it feels like to have everything you own fit in carry-on luggage: get rid of lots of stuff and get jet-setting!

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